Independent Living Skills

Independent Living Skills (ILS) training provides individuals with improved ability to perform activities of daily living with adaptations for vision impairment.  Relearning how to navigate their environment is critical in maintaining independence despite vision loss or blindness. Tasks such as pouring liquids, labeling personal and household items, getting the mail and cooking can be done with less frustration. Participants in the ILS training classes receive adjustment to blindness counseling and self-advocacy skills that empower them to interact more effectively with family, friends, employers and the community.

Learning how to maintain responsibilities of holding a job and providing for a family are critical. ILS training for these individuals includes crossover interaction with Lighthouse Assistive Technology training, which teaches individuals to learn adaptive technology tools, allowing them to maintain their skills of computer applications and communications, including checking emails and keeping up with their professional lives and careers.

Research Shows:

  • Independent Living Skills Training prevents the premature placement of the visually impaired into assisted living facilities and/or nursing homes.
  • Working-age adults who complete Independent Living Skills Training are more likely to return to gainful employment and often discontinue disability benefits.

Classes Include:

Home Management Personal Management Communication Skills


Safety Techniques

Aids and Appliances

Cleaning, etc

Money Identification

Labeling & Organizing

Grooming & Hygiene

Finance management


Talking Books


Talking Calculators

Check writing, etc