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Meeting with an Assistive Technology (AT) specialist, and engaging in training, will allow an individual who has low vision or is blind an opportunity to successfully utilize computer technology within their home, at school or work. Instruction is available for Microsoft Windows and Apple OS users. Clients will be trained in accessing the computer, writing emails, utilizing calendars, browsing the internet, and much more.

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AT Training

Our AT training also teaches how to utilize mobile devices (Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, and Android-based platforms) and helps guide the user on applications that can benefit them as they navigate the world with blindness or low vision.

Individuals who successfully complete AT training are able to incorporate technology into their day-to-day tasks, such as paying bills, managing on-line accounts, on-line shopping, and communicating with friends and family.

Those clients successfully completing AT training will confidently and independently manage their technology needs, while having a competitive edge in today’s job market.

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