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Learning effective communication skills can vastly improve one’s ability to gain and/or maintain independence. Those living with blindness or low vision need to know their rights, resources available to them (locally, at the state level and nationally) and how to self-advocate.

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Social Skills

Social skills are directly linked with the ability to make and maintain meaningful relationships. Social isolation is connected to a multitude of negative outcomes for individuals, from increased depression, prolonged hospitalizations, institutionalizations and increased mortality.

Specialists at Lighthouse of SWFL work with clients to assist with increasing confidence and comfort in asking for and utilizing the reasonable accommodations afforded to them. Social workers at Lighthouse of SWFL work with clients and offer Adjustment to Blindness counseling (either individually or in a group setting). While both individual and group counseling is effective, support groups provide a safe environment where long lasting friendships with one’s peers are made.

Effective social skills increase the likelihood that individuals will participate in and benefit from leisure activities. At Lighthouse of SWFL we are proud of our art program and the myriad of beautiful artwork produced by our talented clients. We are equally awed and inspired by those who participate in the music program (Sing-a-Lings) and perform locally at various locations.

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Assistive Technology Accessibility

Allows individuals who has low vision or is blind an opportunity to successfully utilize computer technology within their home, at school or work.

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Orientation & Mobility

When individuals successfully complete O&M training they are confident in the use of their white cane and in their ability to maintain their independence.

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Independent Living Skills

Independent Living Skills (IL Skills) training assists individuals in improving their ability to live independently, utilizing adaptions and devices designed for visual loss.

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