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What is Orientation?

Orientation is the ability to understand the individual’s body position and location relative to other points in the environment: Where am I and which way am I facing? Where is that hallway and how does it relate to my destination? Where are the other people and potential obstacles?

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What is Mobility?

Mobility is the safe and effective movement of the body through the environment: Now that I know where I am, how do I get to where I want to go without falling over things, running into objects or others and potentially hurting myself in the process?

Our Orientation and Mobility (O&M) specialist teaches individuals who are blind or with low vision to utilize their white cane properly to successfully navigate their home, school and work environments, walk on sidewalks, safely cross streets, utilize public transportation, shop and much more.

When individuals successfully complete O&M training they are confident in the use of their white cane and in their ability to maintain their independence.

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Communication Skills & Braille

Communication Skills & Braille
Learning communication skills can vastly improve an individual’s ability to gain and/or maintain their independence.

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Low Vision Services

Your hands-on experience with our CLVT will determine how adaptive magnification aids, and other devices can help with activities such as reading and writing.

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Independent Living Skills

Independent Living Skills (IL Skills) training assists individuals in improving their ability to live independently, utilizing adaptions and devices designed for visual loss.

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