Orientation & Mobility

Mall-Orientation-e1419610942444-225x300Orientation & Mobility is a fancy title for learning how to get around when you can’t see where you’re going.

Orientation is the ability to understand your body’s position and location relative to other points in the environment. Where am I, and which way am I facing? Where is that hallway, and which way is it running? That’s Orientation.

Mobility is the safe and effective movement of the body. Now that I know where I am, how do I get to where I want to go without falling over things, running into things and hurting myself in the process?





The Lighthouse of SWFL has an Internationally Certified Orientation & Mobility Specialist on staff who can teach you:

• How to get around your homeCane-ball-tip-1-1024x768
• How to walk on sidewalks
• How to walk down a street with no sidewalks
• How to locate what you’re looking for such as the mailbox?
• How to cross all kinds of streets
• How to get to and from stores
• How to shop in stores by yourself
• How to take public transportation

If you have lost your vision, but still desire to be independent and travel, call for an appointment today.