Successfully learning Braille assists Lighthouse of SWFL clients to live independently and read again.

The Lighthouse of SWFL offers 3 Braille Courses:

Braille basics: This class is designed for the clients that only wish to learn the basic Braille alphabet to mark clothing, food, prescriptions, and manage finances. This is also a fun class for those interested in recreational games like playing cards, BINGO or other pastime favorites.

Braille I/II: Learning how to read using the Braille alphabet. Braille I and II teaches clients how to read their favorites books, recipes, sports magazines, financial reports, etc.

Jumbo Braille: This class allows clients affected by neuropathy to still learn the Braille language. Jumbo Braille is an enlarged version of the typical Braille system but with dots that are spaced farther apart for easier reading.