Transition Teen Program

Transition services are provided to students ages 14 through 24 who are currently being served by the school system under an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and/or through the Division of Blind Services.

The Transition Program provides students with skills and experiences to facilitate successful transition from high school to post-secondary activities, such as college, vocational school and employment. Through summer job placements to job coaching and Assistive Technology training, Transition services promote personal and professional advancement to help level the playing field with their sighted peers and achieve future self-sufficiency.

Daily living skills are also covered, which include: cooking, cleaning, money management, job exploration counseling, orientation and mobility, problem-solving, use of remaining vision, social skills, recreation and leisure, and workplace readiness training. The Transition Program engages students to reach beyond their limits and to educate the community on the abilities of individuals living with vision impairment and blindness, rather than focus on disabilities. Activities such as low and high ropes courses, fencing, escape rooms, boating, paintball, trips to Universal Studios, and our very own Transition Prom are just a few of the activities our students experience, further teaching them that no obstacle is too great to overcome.

Transition services provide participants with the opportunity to develop positive self-esteem, communication skills, independence, self-advocacy, and employability skills.