Children’s Program

Childrens-Program-1024x768The Children’s Program serves children ages six through twelve living with blindness and vision impairment. The program emphasizes the Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC), which promotes independence. Children in the program have a specialized service plan that is developed to meet each child’s goals and needs. The children’s program works with each child individually or in a group setting depending on their needs. With the goal of promoting independence, children are taught the ECC components, which include assistive technology, compensatory skills (including communication modes), career skills, recreation and leisure skills, orientation and mobility skills, social skills, sensory efficiency skills, self-determination, and independent living skills. These skills fall outside of the general education curriculum, but are crucial for children who are vision impaired.  During the summer months, there will be a summer camp that each child can attend that will focus on further development of the ECC skills.