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Wish List

$ 9.95


$9.95 Talking Clock – This device allows a child to set an alarm or use a clock independently.

$10.95 Liquid Level Indicator – This device allows a child who is blind to pour liquids by themselves, thus encouraging them to be independent.

$13.80 20/20 pens (12 pack) – These 20/20 pens allow a child with low vision to write and be able to read what they wrote.

$75.00 Rainbow II Color Reader – This device allows a child with low vision or blindness to identify the color of their clothing, allowing them to better dress themselves.

N/A - This device allows a child with multiple disabilities and vision impairment to practive sorting and identifying textures which allow them to develop sensory discrimination, an milestone for development in children.

$150.00 Pen Friend – This device allows a child with low vision or blindness to identify objects in their environment and label them appropriately.

$402.79 Totally Tactile Communicator – This device allows children who are nonverbal or still learning to talk the ability to communicate their wants or needs. This device allows children to have options of choices of what they want to do.

$419.00 Nintendo Wii U game console for Transition Teen Program. This will provide an avenue for recreation, socialization, and physical fitness for teens with blindness and vision impairment.

$499.00 Totally Tactile Toolkit – This device provides tactile “layovers” for an iPad, which allows a child with vision impairment or blindness to access stories and other items on an iPad in a tactual manner.

$500.00 3-D Printer – This device provides an opportunity for children living with blindness to better conceptualize things. By 3-D printing an object such as a human brain, students can understand the size and parts of the brain.

$583.00 Canvas Sling Swing – This device improves attention, focus, and ability provides a child living with blindness and vision impairment with sensory integration therapy. It supports the student’s whole body with a big hug! Set includes hardware and therapy room floor mats.

Projector to display larger, clearer images of career skills presentations and movies for Transition Teens.

Independent Living Skills Program Needs


Flat top stove

Chairs w/ wheels and arm rests (Need 4)

Chairs w/wheels for Assistive Technology Room (Need 20)

Chairs for Large Group Meeting Room (Need 60)

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