“Self-fulfillment and quality of life are often linked to an individual’s connections to others and activities they enjoy.”
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How Social Skills and Leisure Can Help You

Lighthouse of SWFL takes an individualized, client driven approach with all members who engage in services. The client’s wishes and goals drive the services offered.

Social skills are closely linked with effective communication. Learning communication skills can vastly improve an individual’s ability to gain and/or maintain their independence. Those living with blindness or visual impairments need to know their rights, the resources available to them (locally, at the state level and nationally) and how to self-advocate.

Social skills are closely linked with the ability to make and maintain meaningful relationships. Social isolation has been correlated with a multitude of negative outcomes from increased depression, increased and prolonged hospitalizations, institutionalizations and increased mortality.

The specialists at Lighthouse of SWFL work with those they serve to assist in the individual’s confidence and comfort in asking for and utilizing the reasonable accommodations afforded to them. The social workers at Lighthouse of SWFL work with those they serve to offer adjustment to blindness counseling (either individually or in the group setting). While both individual and group counseling is effective- support groups have the additional positive side effect of providing a safe environment where long lasting friendships with one’s peers are made.

Effective social skills increase the likelihood that individuals will participate in and benefit from leisure activities. At Lighthouse of SWFL we are very proud of our art program and the beautiful artwork produced by our clients. We are equally awed by those who participate in the music program (Sing-a-Lings) and perform locally at a wide range of locations.

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Social skills and leisure are positively linked to one’s self-fulfillment and quality of life.
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Social skills and leisure are known to decrease social isolation.
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Social skills and engagement in leisure activities are positively linked with independence!