"If You Want Something You’ve Never Had, Then You’ve Got to
Do Something You’ve Never Done.”
an image of a couple transition students posing with the owner of a bakery they worked at

How Job Readiness Helps Your Teen

The statistics are staggering. Up to 75% of blind and visually impaired adults are Unemployed or Under Employed.

At Lighthouse of SWFL, we are dedicated to help change that statistic!

Each student enrolled in our Transition Program has the opportunity to be placed in a Work Experience during the summer.

To make that Work Experience both a reality and a success, the students spend time during the year learning the many “Job Readiness” skills they will need to be successful as adults.

Examples include but are not limited to:
  • Hands-on experience using technology to register on job search sites and navigate them and write a resume.
  • Answering questions about their disability and asking employers important questions about accessibility.
  • Participating in mock interviews and complete skill inventories.
  • Using networking skills such as LinkedIn to secure employment.
  • Reading job descriptions, filling out applications and evaluating their own qualifications for some roles.
  • Securing transportation to and from job interviews and work sites.