“Independent Living Skills are those skills used every day to complete tasks necessary for caring for oneself.”
Independent living skills class students learning new cooking techniques in the kitchen

How Independent Living Skills Can Help You

Lighthouse of SWFL takes an individualized, client driven approach with all members who engage in services. The client’s wishes and goals drive the services offered. It is understood that people have different learning styles and may learn at a different pace. Lighthouse of SWFL offers individualized and group instruction and makes every effort to accommodate scheduling needs.

Independent Living Skills (IL skills) training allows for individuals to improve their ability to live independently utilizing adaptions and devices designed for visual loss.

Independent Living skills training applies to the home environment- clients learn how to safely prepare their meals, utilize appliances, pay bills, communicate with family and friends, and self-advocate. IL skills training applies to the work environment- clients learn how to successfully balance employment while providing for their care and the care of their families. IL skills training (particularly for working age adults) is bolstered by the client’s involvement in Assistive Technology training and the instructional sessions are often arranged in conjunction with one another.

Successful completion of IL skills training assists the individual to maintain their roles in society and their independence.

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Independent Living Skills training applies to the home and work environment!
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Independent Living Skills training often goes hand-in-hand with Assistive Technology Training!
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Independent Living Skills training increases the individual’s ability to maintain their independence!