How to Refer

image of a person getting an eye exam
Lighthouse of Southwest Florida is pleased to announce that we have an electronic referral system. No more busy fax lines, wondering if we received your fax, waiting for scheduling confirmation. With a few clicks of a mouse, you can see your referrals and view your patient’s process in real time.
  • Log into and sign up your practice.
  • Enter the patient’s information and upload the referral.
  • Complete the Lighthouse of Southwest Florida Physician Order Form.
  • Upload the order form, last eye exam and any records pertaining to your patient’s vision loss.
  • The Lighthouse of Southwest Florida will call the patient within 72 hours to schedule a consultation.
  • Your office will be able to see real-time where we are in the scheduling process.

Why Refer

  • Vision loss is an extremely frustrating problem and patients may feel that they have lost the ability to do the things they enjoy.
  • Patients can regain various levels of independence through the use of specialized devices and instruction on how to properly use them. Patients also will be trained how to modify appliances, lighting, and more in their home to facilitate a better quality of life.
  • Glasses may not be enough to maximize the remaining vision.
  • Medicare and other third party insurances pay for a portion of these services. We never turn anyone away based on ability to pay.
  • All patients will be sent back to you for any and all medical eye care treatment and follow-up.