"Accessibility is not a feature - it is a social trend!”
an image of a group of transition students at the NBC news channel studio

How Community Access Helps Your Teen

When you think back to when you were teenager, what do you remember? Hanging out with your friends? Going places? Seeing people? Doing things? Playing sports? Attending clubs and activities?

Chances are, you remember many or all of these things as a valuable part of your experiences growing up.

Teenagers who are blind or visually impaired sometimes have great difficulty being able to integrate into “typical” activities. Our community access opportunities give the kids the chance to reach their community and get involved the same way that their sighted peers often do.

Community access is also a way for our students to have the opportunity to use the skills and techniques they are taught during weekly sessions (such has money handling) in a more generalized environment like a grocery store or movie theater. Community access is a way for the students to practice self-advocacy skills and explaining to those they encounter the different accommodations they may require or assistance they need.