“When an individual is living with blindness or vision loss, it is essential that they have the skills necessary to communicate and advocate for themselves.”
an image of a Lighthouse of Southwest Florida client sitting at a table reading a book in Braille

How Communication Skills and Braille can Help You

The Lighthouse of SWFL takes an individualized, client driven approach with all members who engage in services. The client’s wishes and goals drive the services offered. It is understood that people have different learning styles and may learn at a different pace. The Lighthouse of SWFL offers individualized and group instruction and makes every effort to accommodate scheduling needs.

Learning communication skills can vastly improve an individuals’ ability to gain and/or maintain their independence. Those living with blindness or visual impairments need to know their rights, the resources available to them (locally, at the state level and nationally) and how to self-advocate. The specialists at Lighthouse of SWFL work with those they serve to assist in the individual’s confidence and comfort in asking for and utilizing the reasonable accommodations afforded to them. The social workers at Lighthouse of SWFL work with those they serve to offer adjustment to blindness counseling (either individually or in the group setting).

Communication skills include the spoken and the written word. Successful completion of Braille Services (Braille Readiness, Braille Reading and Writing, Braille for Orientation, Braille for Recreation, Braille for Labeling, Uncontracted vs Contracted Braille) assists the individual maintain their personal and professional independence.

a graphical icon of a stack of books signifying education
Know your rights and resources available to you.
a graphical icon of a hand touching braille
Be confident in your ability to communicate.
a graphical icon of a person choosing a shirt signifying a daily activity
Maintain your personal and professional independence.